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Why Adults with Developmental Disabilities Need Time with Family

Family gatherings are happening all across the world right now as the holidays are quickly approaching. As you’re planning your family get-together, the team at RISE Services, Inc. Utah would like to remind you that these family celebrations are especially important for your loved ones with developmental disabilities. Keep reading to learn why individuals with developmental disabilities need to be a part of family gatherings. 

Why Adults with Developmental Disabilities Need Time with Family

They Like to Be Involved

Many people enjoy being involved in family gatherings, not simply attending them. The same goes for adults with developmental disabilities. Being involved and included makes them feel like they’re an important part of their family. Maybe you could ask them to help prepare food for the day’s events. Perhaps they can choose a game that everyone can play. Whatever you do, simply keep them involved.

They Enjoy Traditions Too

Just like we look forward to family traditions, so do individuals with developmental disabilities. Does your family always see the fireworks on the Fourth of July? Do you decorate Easter eggs every spring? There are many different traditions families take part in, and your loved one living with a developmental disability may want to continue being a part of those, too.

They Can Be Themselves

It can be difficult for some people to be themselves when out in the public. Imagine having a developmental disability and feeling others looking at you or being uncomfortable in front of strangers. When your loved one comes over for a family gathering, they can be themselves. There won’t be any special expectations to meet and there won’t be offhanded comments from people. Plus, they can take a break from all the noise and commotion without anyone thinking it strange.

They Know What to Expect

Often, individuals with developmental disabilities thrive on routine and expectations. When they’re with family, they usually know what to expect. They understand each person’s personality and mannerisms, plus they are familiar with the family’s schedules and routines. There typically won’t be many surprises, and if there is anything that may disrupt their routine, family members can let them know ahead of time. 

Serving Utah Since 1987

RISE Utah would like to wish you and your family the happiest of holidays this year. To learn more about our services for individuals with developmental disabilities and their families, contact us today. Each of our programs was developed to meet the specific and unique needs of both children and adults living with developmental disabilities.

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