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RISE Services, Inc. creates job opportunities for adults with developmental disabilities. Our incredible team of Employment Specialists helps individuals achieve and maintain long-term employment. We do our best to help them find an occupation they like based on their skills and preferences.

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If you are interested in our employment services, please contact RISE today by calling (801) 373-1197.

When an adult with a developmental disability is hired, it is vital for a solid foundation to be set. During orientation and training at their new job, our Employment Specialists help individuals understand and become confident in their job role as well as help with any necessary and new hire paperwork.

We promote work independence for the adults we serve. On-site Job Coaching allows us to support the individuals we serve in a manner that meets their specific needs to perform the essential functions of their job. Once the employee and employer feel confident, Employment Specialists can significantly step back, and employees can enjoy their independence at work.

At RISE, we believe that everyone is employable and deserves the opportunity to carry out full and productive lives. We utilize the Employment Services below to support adults with disabilities in finding meaningful employment:

  • Job-Based Training
  • Supported Employment
  • Customized Employment
  • Employer Incentives
  • Life Skills Restoration

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