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At RISE Services, Inc., we believe that everyone is employable and deserves the opportunity to carry out full and productive lives. Our Employment Services create job opportunities for and with people. With our amazing team of Employment Specialists, we help adults with disabilities find employment based on their skills, preferences, and interests.

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Utah Employment Life Skills Restoration Services For and With Those With Development Disabilities


Like our other employment programs, Life Skills Restoration gives the opportunity for those we work with to find and maintain meaningful employment. Through Life Skills Restoration, we are also able to help adults with many valuable life skills and occupational abilities, such as:

  • Resume building
  • Mock interview practice
  • Social and communication skill-building
  • Public transportation training
  • Personal hygiene
  • Worksite acclimation
  • Money management
  • Diet and meal preparation
  • Time management
  • Relationship building
  • Other client-specific needs
  • And more

Coaching, Training & More

Along with helping our members learn useful life skills, we also help them find jobs and employment with our other Employment Services:

Learn more about our services by calling (801) 373-1197 or contact us today.

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