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Children with developmental disabilities or mental health diagnoses deserve a chance to play in a safe and educational environment.

Our after school and summer programs give children the opportunity to enjoy recreational activities that include skill development and behavior support in a safe setting. After school and during the summer months, we offer structured programs focused on positive behavioral supports. These are supported by a highly skilled and credentialed team.

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After School & Summer Programs For Children With Developmental Disabilities Utah

Our After School programs, also known as AIM, are provided to children and youth under the age of 22. AIM provides a balance between skill-building and recreational time. Students have been in school all day, and we do not wish them to feel like they are in another school-like setting. Our goal is to create an active social environment that also incorporates valuable skill-building activities. A portion of their time together is spent doing group activities within the community.

The youth involved in our After School programs do not need to be living in a RISE home in order to participate. Transportation is available for any youth who needs it. Each RISE location conducts its after school program on varied days and times, typically three to four hours each day. To learn more and find out what AIM/After school programs are available in your area, contact us today by calling (801) 373-1197.

The Summer Programs at RISE provide assistance to young individuals, helping them build on the skills they’ve learned during the school year as well as engage in some fun, recreational activities. Much of their time together is spent taking part in group activities and encouraging positive social interaction. Groups are created according to the age and ability of the youth in attendance.

Our Summer Program, which is a 6-hour daily program, is provided for children and youth under the age of 22. Staffing ratios are based on the needs of the individual participants. Youth do not need to be living in a RISE home in order to participate in our Summer Program. Transportation is also available for any youth who needs it. For further information, call us at (801) 373-1197 or contact us today.

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