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6 Positive Effects of Social Programs for Individuals With Disabilities

One of our goals at RISE Services, Inc. Utah is to foster the personal growth and independence of individuals living with developmental disabilities. Not only do our various programs provide a safe space for individuals to learn and grow, but they also provide valuable opportunities for developing social skills and relationships with others. Learn more about the many benefits of social programs for adults living with developmental disabilities.

Positive Effects of Social Programs for Individuals With Disabilities

Build Friendships

It can be difficult for individuals with disabilities to develop friendships. Many are excluded because of their disabilities or physical impairments. We provide opportunities for individuals to meet new people through everyday activities like attending community events, grocery shopping, or riding the bus.

Become Independent

Adults living with disabilities develop a sense of self-worth and pride by learning how to live on their own with minimal assistance. By living in residential homes with others in similar circumstances, and with the help of our Direct Support Professionals (DSPs), individuals with disabilities can learn many skills like the following:

  • Doing laundry
  • Cooking
  • Washing dishes
  • Light housekeeping

Pursue Creative Hobbies

Through our Opportunity Centers, adults with disabilities can pursue an activity or hobby that they enjoy or have always wanted to learn. Plus, they can explore their interests and have fun in a safe and friendly setting with our supportive DSPs there to help as needed.

Learn Communication Skills

Many of our social programs teach positive communication skills for both children and adults living with developmental disabilities. Our after school and summer programs provide an active social environment where we help children build on the skills they learned during the school year. We encourage positive social interaction and healthy communication skills between the children, their peers, and their teachers. 

Develop Work Skills

Another essential benefit of social programming is teaching adults with disabilities how to find and maintain meaningful employment. Our employment services provide job-based training, daily job support, new-hire assistance, and more. 

Engage With Their Community

We use every opportunity to help our clients engage with their community. Whether it’s going to the post office, attending a community concert, or taking the bus to their job, we make it our purpose to teach them how to positively engage with others in their community.

We Support Individuals Living with Disabilities

To learn more about our social programs for children and adults living with developmental disabilities, contact us today. We are dedicated to supporting the total person socially, mentally, and physically with our compassionate and life-changing services.

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