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How to Stay Cool & Hydrated During the Hot Utah Temperatures

High temperatures are responsible for thousands of illnesses and hundreds of deaths each year. Fortunately, there are measures you can take to protect yourself and those in your care when spending time outdoors. RISE Services, Inc. Utah has some practical guidance for when you’re taking your elderly parent outside for a walk, supervising youth who are part of our summer program, or hiking or fishing with participants in our day services. Keep these guidelines in mind each time you’re outdoors in the sweltering Utah heat.

How to Stay Cool & Hydrated During the Hot Utah Temps

How Hot Temperatures Affect Us

If you’re exposed to the heat for too long, you or anyone with you can become seriously ill. When outside, you need to stay cool and remain hydrated in order to keep from getting sick from the hot temperatures. Otherwise, your body cannot compensate for the heat, you won’t be able to cool off properly, and you will require immediate medical attention.

Those at Highest Risk

Individuals at high risk for overheating from exposure to the sun are those who are 65 years and older, children younger than two, people with chronic diseases and mental illnesses, and individuals with disabilities. Closely monitor them to be sure they are drinking enough water and have access to air conditioning. Ensure that individuals in our summer programs are staying cool and those in our day programs are following the proper precautions, especially while out fishing, camping, or hiking. 

Precautions to Take

To prevent any heat-related illnesses, you should always take these precautions when outdoors with family, young children, or with adults you’re supervising as a part of any of our programs:

  • Keep cool with air conditioning. While a fan can help, it should not be relied on as the main cooling device during extremely hot temperatures.

  • Drink more water than you normally do, and do not wait until you’re thirsty to begin drinking.

  • Check on friends, family, neighbors, and individuals in our residential and group homes, life skills restoration programs, or any of our other programs.

  • Use sunscreen often and wear sunglasses any time you’re outside.

Serving Individuals With Disabilities in Utah

At RISE Services, Inc. Utah, we look forward to assisting you and your family members with our job-based training solutions, training and coaching services, senior respite services, and more. Contact us online to learn more.

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