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3 Questions About Our Summer Programs

If you’re looking for structured activities for your child with a developmental disability or mental health diagnosis, consider the Summer Program at RISE Services, Inc. of Utah. Our program combines a balance of skill-building, community inclusion, and typical summer activities while always emphasizing personal health and safety. Our staff is trained and encouraged to fully engage with each person as well as foster an attitude of participation within the groups they supervise. 

At RISE, we are committed to making sure that everyone who attends our summer program has the same opportunity to create lasting memories as their peers. Keep reading to learn more about this highly popular program and how your child can benefit.

3 Questions About Our Summer Programs

1. What Is the Purpose of the Summer Program?

The summer program at RISE gives children a chance to build on the skills they’ve learned throughout the school year. This approach also reinforces and supports positive behaviors. Using fun and recreational group activities, the children are able to play in a safe and supportive educational environment. 

2. How Does It Work?

Any youth under the age of 22 can register for this 6-hour daily program. Each group is created according to the children’s age and ability. This encourages positive social interaction among the kids and also allows them to play with other children who have similar skills and capabilities. If they need transportation to and from the program, it can be provided.

3. Who Runs the Program?

We have a Summer Program Coordinator and Direct Support Professionals (DSPs) who work with students in our summer program. The Summer Program Coordinator oversees the program and supervises the DSPs. This individual is also responsible for working with the DSPs to implement plans that will address the unique needs of each youth in attendance. Our DSPs work directly with the children who are in our summer program. Their goal is to develop healthy relationships with them, engage them in group activities, foster their independence, and ensure their physical and emotional safety.

Learn More About Our Summer Program Today

To learn more about the summer program at RISE Services, Inc. of Utah, call us at (801) 373-1197 or contact us online today. We are always looking for caring individuals who would like to work in our summer program and make a difference in a child’s life. Visit our Career page to learn more about the Summer Program Coordinator position and Direct Support Professional position. We also provide professional parenting/foster care services, residential services and group homes, respite services, and more for clients throughout the state of Utah.