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Thank A Direct Support Professional Today

RISE Services, Inc. Utah celebrates Direct Support Professionals Week in September, along with many other agencies that work with individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities (I/DD). Direct Support Professionals (DSPs) at RISE Services, Inc. Utah serve in various roles. They supervise children in our after-school and summer programs, provide personalized assistance for individuals who wish to live independently, and offer respite services so caregivers can have a chance to rest and relax. There are many more reasons we are thankful for our DSPs,  and we wish to celebrate their hard work and dedication to our clients and their families.

Thank A Direct Support Professional Today

Foster Personal Passions

Through our Opportunity Centers, DSPs help adults with I/DD foster their personal passions. Many adults want to hone their work skills to find meaningful jobs, and some may want to pursue creative hobbies they enjoy. Other individuals with I/DD long to be involved in their community and participate in various events. DSPs take the time to get to know their clients and do what they can to help them enjoy their life to the fullest.

Play & Learn in Safe Environments

All children deserve a safe and fun place to play, and that’s no different for children living with disabilities. Our after-school and summer programs allow children with I/DD to play with friends and practice skills they’ve learned throughout the school year in a safe and inclusive space. Our DSPs are there to supervise fun group activities and encourage positive social interaction between the kids. 

Choose Living Arrangements

DSPs play an important role in helping our clients live as independently as they’d like. Some individuals with I/DD wish to live in residential homes with 24-hour care, while others want to experience a more self-sufficient lifestyle. DSPs provide many services for our clients within their chosen residential setting. Whether they need help cleaning their homes, attending social events, or paying their bills, our DSPs always offer assistance based on their needs and preferences.  

Grateful For Our DSPs

Take the time to thank a Direct Support Professional you know for working tirelessly to provide compassionate services to individuals with I/DD. Do you want to make a difference in the lives of individuals living with I/DD? Learn more about working as a DSP with RISE by contacting us today.