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Providing Stable and Loving Foster Care 3 Different Ways

There are few things more meaningful and selfless than families who open their homes to children and adults needing temporary foster care placement. At RISE Services, Inc. Utah, we work with some amazing families who have come alongside many of these children to offer them a loving and caring home environment. In honor of Foster Care Appreciation Month, we’d like to share three different ways we provide stable and loving foster care homes for Utah families.

Providing Stable Loving Foster Care 3 Different Ways

1. Full-Time Professional Parenting

A full-time professional parent is similar to a foster parent with one main difference. Foster families and full-time professional parents are both state-certified caregivers who provide a loving and stable home to children who cannot live with their biological families. While a foster parent offers this support to minors, a full-time professional parent provides this same support to individuals with developmental disabilities or mental health conditions. Due to the unique needs of the children and youth they serve, our professional parents receive ongoing behavioral and therapeutic training so they can best assist the children in their care.

2. Host Homes

While our professional parenting and foster care services provide loving homes for children and youth, our host homes are specifically for adults with developmental disabilities. At RISE, we believe in transforming the lives of those we serve by providing opportunities that meet their needs and help them grow. Our host homes offer semi-independent living arrangements for these individuals. They can live a self-sufficient life while receiving additional support, as needed.

3. Respite Care

Sometimes professional parents need to travel for a family event or some much-needed time away. Our respite foster care providers offer temporary homes for these foster children and youth. This is tremendously helpful for foster parents and a great way to help without taking on a full-time foster care position. You also get to decide the level of care you’d like to give as well as how much assistance you wish to offer.

Learn More About Our Foster Care Services

If you’d like to learn more about becoming part of our foster care team, call our office at (801) 373-1197 or contact us online today. RISE Utah also provides several other services for children and adults including opportunity centers, after-school and summer programs, job-based training, and residential and group homes.