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5 Valuable Benefits of Our After-School Programs

Parents of children living with developmental and intellectual disabilities want their children to grow and succeed more than anything. An after-school program created specifically for children who need positive behavior supports in a structured and safe setting can be a valuable part of their learning and development. At RISE Services, Inc. Utah, we host after-school programs at various locations across the state. If you’re wondering how this program can be advantageous for your child, keep reading to learn about the five benefits of our after-school programs for children living with developmental disabilities.

5 Valuable Benefits of Our After-School Programs

1. Safety

First and foremost, the after-school programs led by RISE Services, Inc. Utah take place in safe and secure environments that are created specifically for children living with developmental or intellectual disabilities. We have highly-trained and credentialed staff at each location to work with the children and are able to offer different types of support depending on the needs of each student there.

2. Structure

A structured environment can be very important, especially for children with mental health diagnoses or those living with an intellectual disability. Routine provides the stability and security many children need. Plus, within this structured setting, we focus on positive behavioral supports that will encourage and lift up the children. We have also found that the children look forward to returning the next day, which is a huge bonus!

3. Recreation

Students who have been in school all day do not want to be in another school-like setting when the bell rings. This is why we also focus on recreational activities that are appropriate for children living with developmental and intellectual disabilities. In fact, a portion of their after-school time is dedicated to doing fun group activities within their own communities. 

4. Skill Development

Not only are the RISE Services, Inc. Utah after-school programs safe and entertaining for everyone, but they also incorporate valuable skill development activities. Many children are more attentive and eager to learn when they’re engaged. An active and fun social environment is an ideal atmosphere for including valuable skill-building exercises.

5. Behavior Support

One of the benefits that set us apart from other after-school programs is the positive behavior support we have in place. A child learns best when they are encouraged to make changes to their behavior in a supportive and caring way. Our compassionate staff is highly trained in providing this type of affirming support and focuses on teaching new skills that will enable children to make desired changes as needed. 

Learn More About Our After-School Programs Today

To learn more and find out what AIM/After school programs are available in your area, contact us today by calling (801) 373-1197. We look forward to helping your student grow and thrive in this fun, engaging, and safe environment.