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3 Reasons to Participate in RISE Utah’s Summer Programs

School is out for many Utah families, and summer fun is officially beginning. Along with summer vacations, trips to see extended family, or annual camping adventures, consider enrolling your child or teen into one of the summer programs at RISE Services, Inc. Utah. With highly-trained and educated staff, our summer programs provide opportunities for building new skills, participating in fun and exciting activities, and meeting new friends. 

3 Reasons to Participate in RISE Utah's Summer Programs

1. Skill-Building Activities

Children and teens living with disabilities may experience different obstacles when learning and maintaining various skills. This is why we incorporate skill-building activities into our summer programs. We typically build upon many skills children have learned throughout the school year. To make everyone feel welcome and comfortable, we place participants in structured groups according to age and ability. Group activities focus on several skills, such as:

  • social: Practice or role-play social skills through visual supports, social stories, and group games.
  • behavioral: Learn how to respond to challenging situations, set and follow daily routines, and solve problems in healthy ways.
  • academic: Support academic progress through fun puzzles, hands-on activities, and engaging group projects.

2. Positive Social Connections

One reason why many parents enroll their children in our summer programs is for the positive social connections. It can be rough for youth with developmental or intellectual disabilities to build peer relationships. We use the safe environment of our summer program to encourage individuals to find peers with whom they can relate and have fun. Our staff encourages positive social interactions between members and works hard to maintain a safe and enjoyable environment for everyone.

3. Fun-Filled Experiences

What many children and teens absolutely love about our summer programs are the fun-filled experiences. We do our best to provide opportunities for learning new skills and making new friends, but also for having a ton of fun. Each community event is led and monitored by our compassionate staff, so your child or teen will never be alone or out of sight. Various experiences and activities may include visiting splash pads, swimming, taking hikes, visiting parks, attending outdoor barbecues, and many more.

Enroll Your Child in a Summer Program Today

We look forward to welcoming your child or teen into our enriching and positive summer programs. We aim to create new and lasting opportunities for youth with developmental, intellectual, and physical disabilities. Transportation is available for any individual who needs it. Contact us today to enroll your child or to learn more. We are happy to answer any questions you may have.