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RISE Services, Inc. has been creating opportunities for and with people living with developmental disabilities in Logan since 1987. We are glad to be part of such an amazing community. Contact us today to learn more.

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Developmental Disability Employment Services in Logan

Employment Services For Adults with Disabilities in Logan Utah

It can often be difficult for adults living with developmental disabilities to find a job. Many individuals like to be productive and earn their own money, and with our valuable employment services, they can. We employ a variety of strategies, services, and tools to improve their chances of finding a position they can enjoy. A few of the resources we take advantage of are:

Foster Care & Host Homes for Adults with Developmental Disabilities

When a stable family setting cannot be provided for children or adults with developmental disabilities, RISE Services, Inc. offers a compassionate alternative with our host homes and professional parent programs. Each of our professional parents is licensed and highly trained to care for children who have experienced trauma or neglect. With our particular professional parenting program, we are able to support any child or adult, regardless of their background, developmental disabilities, or mental health conditions.

In addition to our foster care services, we also offer respite foster care for our professional parents and host home families. Our respite foster care parents offer much-needed help to those who have chosen to open their homes to children and adults in need.

Foster Care Services for Children with Disabilities in Logan UT

After School & Summer Programs for Children with Disabilities

Children who have mental or developmental disabilities can benefit from our safe and educational after school and summer programs. Both services provide skill-building and recreational activities in a safe and supportive environment by our compassionate and trained Direct Support Professionals (DSPs).

In-Home Support Services in Logan

With our supported living developmental disability services, individuals with disabilities can receive in-home assistance with several different daily tasks. From helping with housework or transporting them to doctor’s appointments, we tailor these services to their unique needs. RISE Services, Inc. also provides senior respite care for senior adults who need 24/7 supervision. Our DSPs will temporarily care for your loved one while you take a much-needed day or weekend away.

Learn More by Contacting RISE Today

If you have questions about our developmental disability support services, contact us today. We are happy to answer any questions you may have. While we work in the Logan area, we also serve the communities of Vernal, St. George, Roosevelt, Price, and beyond.

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