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Are you looking for caring and compassionate housing, employment, or professional parenting services for individuals with developmental disabilities? Then you’ve found exactly what you need here at RISE Services, Inc. We’ve been serving individuals since 1987 with our developmental disability support services. We’re happy to help you and your family when you contact us today.

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Compassionate Host Homes in Vernal

Host Homes For Adults with Disabilities in Vernal Utah

When children have experienced trauma and cannot live safely with their biological parents, RISE Services, Inc. partners with the state by offering safe and compassionate host homes. We provide host homes for adults with developmental disabilities as well. Services and programs, like our host homes, are designed to support families and caretakers so they can build a family-style setting filled with warmth, understanding, and empathy. We offer other similar services such as professional parenting for children with and without developmental disabilities and respite foster care support.

Opportunity Centers for Adults with Developmental Disabilities

The Opportunity Centers from RISE Services, Inc. offer safe and engaging adult day care services for those living with disabilities in Vernal. These programs allow adults in similar situations to spend time together, attend community events as a group, receive job prep training, and share common interests and hobbies. Our highly skilled direct service providers (DSPs) supervise and assist participants in our day services programs in these structured yet fun environments.

Developmental Disability Group Home Care & Residential Services

In all our residential services for adults with developmental disabilities, RISE Services, Inc. allows residents to choose their housing arrangements, personal daily routines, and level of assistance. We offer three types of supported living for those with developmental disabilities:

Residential Services for Adults with Disabilities in Vernal UT

Employment Skills Training for Vernal Adults with Developmental Disabilities

Skills Training for Adults with Disabilities in Vernal Utah

From job-based training to life skills restoration, the employment services at RISE Services, Inc. are meant to help adults living with developmental disabilities lead productive and fulfilled lives. This is why we provide several employment assistance services; our participants are well-prepared to find and maintain a job they can enjoy. Our supported employment services include:

We also provide senior respite care services for families and caregivers. Our DSPs offer much-needed rest for family members who spend 24 hours a day, seven days a week, caring for their loved ones. These services may include:

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RISE Services, Inc. is proud to support individuals living with developmental disabilities in Vernal, West Jordan, Tooele, Roosevelt, Orem, and all nearby communities. We look forward to assisting you and your family when you contact us today.

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